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Restoration of ‘dancing water plaza’ underway following years of neglect

Pattaya’s famous South Pier tourist area, located at Bali Hai Pier, is finally getting a much-needed makeover! After years of neglect, the city authorities have announced plans to restore the once glamorous “Dancing Water Plaza,” which has been out of order for over five years.

Originally designed to enhance Pattaya’s tourism image, the “Dancing Water Plaza” was a grand project with a whopping budget of over 81 million baht. Its aim was to create a vibrant and captivating landscape, featuring a hydrological pump system and LED lighting that would produce breathtaking water shows. However, due to various issues, including sporadic closures, maintenance problems, and deteriorating infrastructure, the plaza fell into disrepair, failing to live up to its potential.

But fear not! Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai has recently shared some exciting news. The city authorities have assigned a team of specialists to inspect and rectify the project, aiming to breathe new life into the “Dancing Water Plaza” and make it a must-visit attraction for tourists once again.

The rejuvenated “Dancing Water Plaza” is set to reopen during scheduled hours, mainly in the enchanting twilight hours until midnight. To ensure its sustainability and prevent unwanted incidents, tight security measures will be implemented to prevent unauthorized access and protect the project from potential damage.

Deputy Mayor Nongyai, filled with optimism, believes that the refurbished “Dancing Water Plaza” will not only be visually captivating but also contribute to Pattaya’s overall tourism landscape. This revival will surely solidify Pattaya’s reputation as a vibrant and dynamic destination, leaving both locals and visitors in awe. Get ready to witness the magic unfold once again at the stunning “Dancing Water Plaza”!



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