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Banglamung-Pattaya’s Move Forward Party gets both seats in parliament.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Banglamung district voting stations after the polls closed on Sunday, May 14, to watch the ballots be counted before being sent to the Bang Lamung District Office of the Provincial Election Commission for Chonburi Province for verification.

Due to the expansion of the settlements and people, Banglamung District was split into two zones this year. Two parliamentary representatives were chosen for the first time. Many people campaigned for office, but the Pheu Thai Party and the Move Forward party caught everyone’s attention because they are both powerful parties.

130,136 persons are qualified to vote in Zone 8, but only 94,220 of them actually show up to vote. This came out to be 72.40%. The percentage of valid ballots was 89,170, or 94.64%, and the percentage of invalid ballots was 3,018 (3.20%).

Additionally, 2,028 ballots were spoiled or unmarked, making about 2.15% of the total.Jaras Kumkhainam No. 4 of the “Move Forward Party” won with 33,664 votes. With a total of 31,986 votes, Chavalit Saenguthai, the No. 9 candidate from the “Phue Thai” Party, took second place. Manop Prakobtham No. 2 of the “Ruam Thai Sang Chart” Party, who received a total of 17,976 votes, came in third place.

There were 115,650 voters who could cast ballots in Zone 9. 76,391 people, or 66.05% of the total electorate, cast ballots. There were 2,036 illegitimate ballots, or 2.67% of the total, as opposed to 72,840 valid ballots, or 95.35 percent. There were also 1,515 spoiled or unmarked ballots, which made up 1.98% of the total.

With 30,459 votes overall, Yodchai Puengporn No. 8 of the “Move Forward” Party was victorious. Man Inpitak No. 2 of the “Phue Thai” Party received a total of 19,327 votes, placing him in second place. Niran Watthanasatsathorn, No. 4 in the rankings and a member of the “Ruam Thai Sang Chart” Party, received 19,253 votes to place third.

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