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Foreign nationals detained in Pattaya for visa overstay and illegal entry

Yesterday, April 15, Pattaya Police detained four suspects on suspicion of illegally entering Thailand and overstaying their visas: three Chinese and one Burmese national.

The four people were apprehended at a residence in the Chonburi district of Bang Lamung’s Takhian Tia subdistrict. Investigation found that the tenants of the property allegedly sneaked into Thailand without having valid documentation, prompting police officers and immigration agents to conduct a raid.

Three Chinese people—Mr. Li Lili, 24, Ms. Tingting Wang, 56, and Ms. Ma Liang, 25—as well as one Burmese worker, Ms. Nan Yong, 20, were located by the authorities. The Pattaya News was informed by the police that Mr. Ma, Ms. Nan, and Ms. Tingting could not present their passports, while Ms. Tingting had overstayed her visa. While Mr. Li was legitimately residing in Thailand, he would subsequently be charged with further offenses as shown below.

The four people were subsequently brought to a police station to face charges. The Burmese migrant entered Thailand illegally through a natural creek in Trat province, according to the authorities who examined the evidence and told The Pattaya News.

She eventually acknowledged that Mr. Li had employed her as a housemaid at the residence, paying her 7,500 Thai Baht per month. For around three months, she was employed there. Without a work visa, Mr. Li was accused of hiring an undocumented immigrant. Smuggling into the nation was alleged against Mr. Ma and Ms. Nan. Ms. Tingting was also accused of overstaying her visa by 24 days.

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