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Bangkok taxi driver arrested for “stealing” 200,000 bahts worth of belongings

Bangkok taxi driver arrested for “stealing” 200,000 bahts worth of belongings

Stealing is a harsh word, but a taxi driver has been accused of just that, after he failed to return some belongings left by some tourists.

We’ve seen plenty of stories of honest Bangkok taxi drivers who have returned bags full of cash — heck, sometimes bags full of gold — to forgetful tourists, but this time, the driver couldn’t resist the temptation of easy money.

Police arrested Kamphee Hongsakhu, 45, yesterday at Suvarnabhumi Airport while he was waiting in the taxi queue, for failing to return THB200,000 (about US$6,000) worth of cash and valuables to two male Taiwanese tourists, Thai PBS reported.

The tourists, who were not identified, reportedly rode Kamphee’s cab from the airport to their hotel in the Huai Khwang area on Sunday, but they forgot one bag in the trunk. Unfortunately, it was the one with the money.

The Taiwanese said they were waiting for the taxi to return the bag, but after their cabbie didn’t show up, they filed a police report.

Tracking down Kamphee from the airport’s taxi ticket, police made an arrest last night. Kamphee initially denied he had driven the tourists, but once police showed him the CCTV footage of him picking the pair up, Kamphee took the police to retrieve the bag from his apartment.

Kamphee then claimed he didn’t know how to contact the passengers, but the police weren’t buying it as there was no record of him ever attempting to return the valuables.

The Taiwanese tourists retrieved their belongings today at Bang Bon police station; the cabbie, meanwhile, will be charged with theft.

Police used the arrest as a chance to remind people to keep the taxi tickets issued by the airport so authorities can track down the drivers in case they forget their belongings.

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