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Baby ‘Drives’ Car On Open Road As Dad Encourages Him To ‘Speed Up’

Baby ‘Drives’ Car:

People have been left shocked with an online clip of a baby driving a car on an open road in China.

The video shows a nappy-wearing baby stood up in the car, taking control of the cars steering wheel, and even turning the wheel, while the moment was caught on a mobile phone camera.

The incident is currently under investigation by the police who confirmed the infant was stood on his dad’s knee and it was his mum who filmed the dangerous act.

At one point, the child, which is wearing just a babygrow and nappy, makes a noise and lifts his right arm entirely off the steering wheel. The dad is then is heard to be calling out ‘speed up!’ – much to the shock of viewers.

It was reported by Wenzhou police, as of this week, the case has been handed over to police in Jinhua city.

This isn’t an isolated incident – an eight-year-old boy was caught on camera speeding down a Romanian road, while being goaded on by his parents.

The boy is thought to have been going over 75mph and as loud folk music played in the car, one of the adults can be heard shouting ‘overtake’.

After the child overtook a lorry, and was clearly terrified by this, a woman’s voice – presumably hismothers can be heard saying: “We will practice some more, my dear.”

It came as no shock that many comments on the video were of people appalled by what they saw, and many called for the incident to be brought to a police investigation.

In another similar incident a Chinese couple from Hubei province were fined 2,000 RMB (£227), earlier this month, for letting their six-year-old daughter drive on the road.

We all know about car safety and how you should always wear aseatbelt, but it’s safe to say if you’re not old enough to drive, or even able to see over the steering wheel without assistance from standing on your dad’s knee, you probably shouldn’t be driving.

Better yet, if you’re going to do something illegal, like letting your tot drive, probably best you don’t post it on social media.

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