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CCTV Captures Heart-Stopping Moment Cowboy Takes Down Armed Robber In Store

Armed Robber:

It’s certainly not been a good couple of months for armed robbers who want to stick up shops.

After the guy who brought a fake shotgun along to a shop in Nottingham and got his head kicked in by a brave shop worker wielding a magazine was jailed earlier this week, now a Mexican would-be shop robber has had seven shades beaten out of him by a cowboy.

I mean, nobody is going to lament the fact that armed robbers are having a tough time, but it’s worthy of remark that more people are stepping up to the plate to stop them.

Whereas the attempted thief in Nottingham only had a fake shotgun, in the case of this incident in Mexico, it’s probably worth assuming that the gun in this case was the real deal – that makes the have-a-go hero’s actions even more impressive.

Basically, there is some CCTV footage that has emerged that shows a man bursting into a convenience store waving around a revolver. He directs it at the shop attendant, who is – completely understandably – terrified.

Tell you what, the cowboy isn’t.

He even has time to coolly remove his sunglasses for effect, before laying into the wannabe robber. He springs into action, and becomes the focus of the gunman’s weapon for a minute. This is when the criminal makes his fatal error.

He turns away to further threaten the rest of the people in the shop, which is all the opportunity that the brave cowboy needs.

Boy does he pay for his mistake. The cowboy – complete with hat and denim jacket – slams the gun out of his hand and rushes him.

At this point, the robber decides that it is a bad job, and tries to cut his losses. He doesn’t get far.

The cowboy grips him and puts him into a chokehold. The two shop workers bravely join in the fight at this point, and one of them gets hold of the gun, rendering it useless.

At this point, the criminal turns the tables again – he produces a large kitchen knife and starts brandishing it around. This doesn’t stop the brave cowboy, mind.

He moves in again and manages to get him under control pretty easily. That’s all of the fight that the robber had left in him. The footage ends with one of the shop’s employees calling the coppers while the other guys hold him down.

It looks like it was filmed at about 11am on April 23 this year according to the CCTV camera, the guy is probably in jail cursing his bad luck as we speak.

As cowboys famously (might) say – if you mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns.

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