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Asean the worst-hit by dengue fever

More than 425,000 people in Asean came down with dengue fever, the highest number when compared with other parts in the world.


“We are a tropical region hence weather conditions are conducive for the breeding of mosquitos, the carrier of the disease,” Public Health Ministry inspector-general Dr Suthep Pethcmark said during his visit to Prachin Buri province to mark Asean Dengue Day 2018. The day is observed on June 15 every year.

To combat the threat of the disease, Asean has been campaigning under the theme “One Asean Community against Dengue” to encourage all involved to eradicate the breeding grounds of mosquitos.

In Thailand, the Disease Control Department has diligently educated people about dengue fever and its prevention.

“This year, we will also focus on factories so that they can watch over their workers. If members of the workforce fall ill, it can affect factory operations and the country’s economy too,” Suthep said.

He suggested that if any person had high fever for two days, he or she must go and see a doctor.

This year, dengue fever has already hit 17,302 people in Thailand and caused 21 deaths. Of the fatalities, 14 were patients older than 15 years old and having underlying illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.

The incidence of dengue fever is usually highest between May and August, which mark the rainy season.

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