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Bangkok man jumps to death, wife found dead

A husband allegedly strangled his wife before jumping off the roof of their eight-floor apartment building in Bangkok’s Din Daeng district on Thursday morning.


The Huay Kwang police were alerted to the apparent suicide and visited the apartment building on Soi Prachasongkroh 28 with a doctor from the Ramathibodi Hospital and officials from the Potektueng Foundation.

The body of Nakhon Khamkonkaew, 68, was found on the ground. He hit a pickup truck before falling to the ground.

Police checked his room on the second floor and found it was locked. When it was opened with a spare key, the body of his wife, Mali Khamkonkaew, 77, was found on her bed.

The doctor said she died of suffocation with a bruised neck. No sign of fighting was found in the room. The doctor believed she was strangled in her sleep.

Their daughter, Kamolwan Khamkonkaew, 35, returned after learning of the deaths.

She said her parents recently quarrelled after she and her mother announced plans to move out to live on their own.

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