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All passengers and crew rescued from sinking ferry

In a dramatic turn of events, a night ferry bound for Koh Tao was hit by massive waves and sank, but miraculously, all passengers, including foreign tourists, and crew members were safely rescued. The ferry, carrying approximately 70 people, suffered damage to its water pumps when seawater rushed in, causing it to sink.

Rescue workers, police, and local leaders swiftly sprung into action, rushing to the scene to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone on board. With the help of speedboats and other vessels, all passengers and crew members were successfully transported to the nearby Koh Tao pier.

Sadly, the ill-fated ferry met its final fate around 10:30 am, sinking into the depths of the ocean. The navy has dispatched a team to investigate the site and retrieve any remaining belongings or valuables belonging to the passengers.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the number of passengers on board did not exceed the vessel’s capacity, easing concerns about overcrowding. However, it is concerning that the ferry set sail despite prior warnings from the Meteorological Department about strong wind waves in the Gulf of Thailand.

This harrowing incident serves as a reminder to always prioritize safety and heed the advice of authorities, especially when it comes to venturing out to sea. Let’s keep our thoughts with the passengers and crew who endured this terrifying ordeal, and hope for improved safety measures in the future.


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