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AGE is nothing but a number, right?

AGE is nothing but a number, right?

This TikTok has found fame on the platform by sharing videos of her life with her boyfriend who is 33 years older than her.

Nicole Downs, 21, from Michigan has been with her much older boyfriend for over three years.

In a series of TikTok videos, she gushed about all the things Michael, 54, has bought her since going public together.

Their shopping sprees range from splurging on designer bags, like multiple Louis Vuitton bags, to purchasing bags full of Forever 21 clothes.

Additionally, he has paid for her plastic surgery procedures, such as her Botox, lip injections, and most recently, a Brazilian butt lift.

The couple first went public when Downs posted him on her social media account in August 2020.

“So I’ve never really posted a pic of us, me and my boyfriend of over a year 10/20/18.

“Ever since we met we’ve been inseparable, I haven’t posted him because of our age gap and didn’t even want to deal with other people’s negativity but this is my life and I do what makes me happy.”

Sadly, the blonde beauty did get hate on her social media with many claiming she was only with him for the money.

Since then, Downs has made it a running joke to share videos where she asks him for money or to take her to the mall for endless sprees.

In one TikTok, she admitted “she used him for money” and that she “was too pretty to work,” further establishing her status as a sugar baby.

The TikTok star has also spoken out multiple times about wanting to marry him and spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple only went public in 2019
The couple only went public in 2019Credit: Instagram/Nicole Downs
They have a 33 year old gap
They have a 33 year old gapCredit: TikTok/Nicole Down
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