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Child spotted at UK swinger’s party was actually just ‘very short woman

Police were called to a swingers club after receiving reports that a child was spotted going inside the adult venue but when they arrived, they discovered it was just a very short woman. Officers were said to have been left ‘red faced’ after they responded to the call from a well meaning neighbour near to CLubF in Stanley, County Durham.

But when they arrived, they discovered there were no children inside but instead one of the club’s customers just happened to be on the short side. A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said: ‘Police were called at around 9pm on July 16 2015 following concerns a child had entered a hotel named ClubF on High Street, Stanley. ‘Officers spoke to the staff at the hotel who confirmed the female was one of their customers who was an adult woman.’ It comes with a dungeon, complete with mistress. Although police did not confirm how tall the woman was, their report stated that she was an ‘adult woman of shorter stature’. The club, which has a ‘fully equipped dungeon’, mistress and pole dancing facilities has had police called to it nearly 20 times since 2015. On its website, the club is described as ‘one of the country’s leading clubs and emphasises friendliness, fun and safety for its members’. People pay £10 a year to be a member and as long as both parties consent, they can have sex with each other on the beds and leather sofas that are dotted throughout the building. MT – EP

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