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After arguing with his partner, a drunken man was pulled from the Pattaya sea.

Early this morning, a man who had been drinking extensively was discovered floating on a buoy 30 meters from the shore in Pattaya, eastern Thailand. His mother claimed that after arguing with his girlfriend, he fell into the water.Officers at Mueang Pattaya Police Station received word at 5 a.m. that a person had vanished in the water near Jomtien Beach in the Nong Prue subdistrict of the Bang Lamung district. Rescuers from the sea and the police hurried to the shore.

Police discovered Bangon Tiabrit, a 49-year-old lady, waving for assistance. She claimed that more than an hour ago, her son Anon entered the sea and vanished.

Anon Srirue, 29, was found unconscious and resting on top of a buoy more than 30 meters off the coast by marine rescuers who had dispatched a boat to explore the area for more than an hour. They carried him safely to shore.Bang-on claimed that her son argued with his girlfriend and stormed out of the family home late last night. Concerned, she and Anon’s girlfriend made the decision to walk outside and search for him.

Anon was alone and drinking on Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach when they discovered him. The argument resumed. Anon’s girlfriend reportedly asked to see the dashcam in his car, but Anon refused to show her, according to Bang-on.

Anon told his mother he wanted to die and walked into the sea in the middle of the night after much argumentation. Anon was carried ashore when the sun was rising more nearly an hour later.

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