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Accused thief wins countersuit in court

Accused thief wins countersuit in court

Pisit Suwannaphim had been waiting for this day for almost five years.

The roast pork vendor won the first court battle with Bunyarat Rasmisukhanond.

He accused her and three other defendants of giving false information to the court in bringing legal action against him.

Ms Bunyarat, 53, was sentenced to three years in prison without suspension by the Thon Buri Criminal Court on Thursday, but the judges dropped the charges against the other three, according to a court document he showed on Thursday.

The other defendants were not named.

Ms Bunyarat was released on bail of 150,000 baht to work on her appeal.

“I have been waiting for this day for almost five years,” Mr Pisit said at his house in Muang district of this northeastern province.

“My family was ruined,” he added.

Ms Bunyarat lodged a complaint with Bang Sao Thong police station in Phasi Charoen district of Bangkok on Feb 6, 2017, accusing him of snatching jewellery worth 15 million baht from her on Dec 28, 2016.

He was arrested at his house in Nakhon Phanom 10 days later and detained in Thon Buri Remand Prison.

The Thon Buri Criminal Court found him not guilty on Sept 26, 2017 and the Appeal Court upheld the ruling on Oct 18 a year later. She decided not to go to the highest court.

After the return of his freedom, Mr Pisit decided to fight back, suing her and three other people he accused of giving false testimony to the court through the Crime Suppression Division on Nov 27, 2019.

“I am still in debt. My vehicle was impounded. I borrowed money from my brothers and sisters to defend myself against the allegation,” he said.

Mr Pisit said he would consult his lawyer about taking legal action against the Royal Thai Police for wrongful arrest and denying him his freedom.

“I hope my case will be the last,” he said.

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