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Pattaya Police are ready to protect tourists

Pattaya Police are presently organizing all units to safeguard the safety of the public and tourists for the Songkran Festival and Wan Lai dubbed the Big Day on April 19th.

According to the deputy superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Surachet Aneksri, the police will set up checkpoints across the Pattaya region during the day, evening, and night to prevent accidents.

Moreover, alcohol tests will be performed on drivers as part of the national police chief’s order requiring drivers to have a zero alcohol level during Songkran. Lt. Col. Surachet indicated that community checkpoints will be put up in community areas by community leaders and locals to prevent drunk driving by young people or community members. Lt. Col. Surachet stated that utilizing powder or high-pressure water pistols and wearing scantily are definitely prohibited during Songkran and Wan Lai.

He also stated that during Wan Lai, Beach Road will stay open to traffic till Central Klang and will be closed from Central Klang to Walking Street from 2 PM to 8:30 PM to enable for water fights and concerts. On April 19th, 400 law enforcement personnel will be on duty around the city to assist and safeguard tourists

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