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A man was bitten by a python while attempting to assist a friend

A man was bitten by a python while attempting to assist a friend

A man’s noble efforts to assist a friend in capturing a snake resulted in chaos as the reptile bit him, leading to the need for immediate medical attention. Rescue workers from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation in Pattaya were summoned to manage the situation and relocate the snake away from the community.

Responding to a snakebite incident at a residence in Moo 1, Khao Mai Kaew, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, the volunteers swiftly arrived on the scene to lend their support. The incident occurred yesterday when the 51-year-old man was bitten on his right wrist while attempting to catch the snake barehanded. After administering initial first aid, the rescue team rushed him to the hospital as concerned locals gathered to witness a large python coiled up in a drainage pipe near the house.

It took the rescue workers over thirty minutes to secure the sizable python, weighing around 20 kilograms and measuring approximately 3 meters long. Once contained, the snake was safely relocated back into its natural habitat, far from residential areas. The homeowner, a 50-year-old named Sutjai, explained that the injured man was a friend who had tried to help capture the large python that had entered the house. Unfortunately, his attempt to grab the snake with his hands resulted in a bite on his arm.

Sutjai remarked, “He meant well but used the wrong approach, leading to the bite.” Thanks to the expertise of the rescue team in dealing with snakes, the reptile was captured and relocated without incident, while the quick transportation of the injured man to the hospital minimized the severity of the bite.

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