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2 women left with serious injuries after smash with pick-up

2 women left with serious injuries after smash with pick-up

At around 3:30pm on August 20th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a serious accident involving a motorbike and a pick-up truck.

The accident occurred on the main Sukhumvit road, heading into Pattaya.

Arriving at the scene, police found 2 victims from the crash, both female. One of them, aged 35 year old had some nasty injuries to her face, both arms and left leg. She was treated briefly at the scene before being rushed to a local hospital.

The second victim, 30 year old, was in a much more serious condition but a puncture wound to her chest as well as several deep cuts on her legs, which were revealing bone.

She was given emergency CPR at the scene before paramedics declared it safe enough to transfer the body to hospital for further treatment.

An eye witness to the accident, who was travelling a short distance behind the vehicle in question told police that he had been following the pick-up down the motorway and admitted that they were both travelling at speed. He had noticed that up ahead were 2 girls on a motorbike, travelling at speed in the left lane.

Suddenly the motorbike made a sudden move into the right lane, as if they were about to make a right turn, or a U-turn. The pick-up had no time to stop and sloughed straight into the motorbike at force, sending the motorbike and 2 girls flying into the roadside ditch.

The man got out to try to help the girls, but after seeing the extent of the injuries, immediately called for emergency assistance.

Police took the statement as well as several photos of the scene, but will wait until they have taken statements from both girls before continuing with the investigation.

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