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2 More lions as pets in Pattaya

Photo credit goes to PBS Thailand

Residents of a housing estate in Pattaya are seeking assistance after their foreign neighbor purchased two lions as pets, one of which has escaped and roams around the neighborhood. Despite their efforts to alert the police, no action has been taken so far, leading the residents to believe that the lack of action is due to the owner being a foreigner.

The situation gained attention after a picture surfaced on the Facebook page “Pattayawatchdog,” showing a man walking a lion on a leash. One of the neighbors reported that during the New Year break, one of the lions escaped from the house and wandered around the area, not for the first time.

The concerned neighbors are calling on the National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation Department to handle the issue, as they fear for the safety of their families and pets.

Reporters who visited the house discovered two lions residing there, alongside two Rottweilers. The owner, referred to as “Pa,” explained that she purchased the lions as cubs when they were 45 days old. Currently, the lions are around ten months old. She moved from Sattahip to Pattaya six months ago. According to her, one of the lions escaped through a faulty electric gate that accidentally opened, but her caretaker quickly retrieved the lion and brought it back home.

One of the neighbors, named “Pim,” expressed her fear when the lion got loose, stating that she immediately hurried her children back to their house.

This incident marks the second sighting of lions in Pattaya, as a previous incident involved a young lion spotted riding in a convertible along a busy street.

It is reported that there is a growing trend in Pattaya of keeping lions as pets.


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