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Tourists Scream And Run In Fear As 11 Foot Great White Shark Swims Along Shore

Tourists Scream And Run In Fear As 11 Foot Great White Shark Swims Along Shore

A Great White Shark has been filmed swimming scarily close to a Cape Cod beach, which has since been closed.

The footage was posted on the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Facebook page, where it’s now racked up 787,000 views since being shared on Monday.

According to the caption, the incident took place at Nauset Beach in Cape Cod, USA. In the video you can hear the screams of people on the beach – which is fair enough, to be honest. It looks pretty hench.

At one point a child yells ‘Mommy!’, to which a woman hilariously responds: “It’s not going to come up into the sand. It’s not Sharknado.”

Many people commented to say how unnerving the footage was – with some also making parallels with Speilberg flick Jaws, which was set and filmed in the same area.

One person wrote: “Sharks are not usually this close to shore unless hungry. I can only assume they are lacking food out in the ocean for whatever reason. Sad there should be plenty out there. But we the people are so greedy and money hungry we strip away everything…”

Someone else commented: “I’ve been going to the Cape for over 50 years and have the utmost respect for the ocean and sea life . They have been there longer than we know. But I have to say it is unnerving to see them so close to shore.

Another person added: “Holy moly – I was going to go to Nauset this weekend. I like to tell myself they don’t come in this shallow and was just going to ride in the shallow waves. NOPE!”

Not everyone was freaked out – with one person writing: “I love sharks and would love to see this. They are a very misunderstood majestic animal, vital to our ocean’s ecosystem.”

Another, meanwhile, simply joked: “Can u imagine the shark’s friend Lloyd the shark saying to his friend Frank the shark ‘hey bro, I dare you to cruise by the edge of the beach and pop up real quick and watch how many people run!'”

According to NCEN, several sharks have been spotted in the area this week – with one measuring 11ft long, and another 9ft long.

The sightings have also led to beach closures, including Truro beach, where a great white shark breached the water about 100 yards from the shore. The beach was then closed to swimmers for an hour.

A man was bitten by a shark in Truro earlier this month, but managed to escape by punching the shark in the gills. He was released from hospital on Monday.

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