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King cobra headbutting a window to get inside

The spine-chilling moment a wild king cobra headbutts a window to try to get inside

A deadly king cobra is filmed banging head butting a family’s window as it tries to get inside.

The sinister-looking serpent slithered onto the window sill in Brunei, Malaysia, before hitting the window.

The reptile flicks out its tongue as it sizes up two kittens watching innocently below.

Unfortunately for the snake, a man arrived and neutralised the threat with a large piece of wood.

It then scampered away into the undergrowth after being struck several times on the head.

The clip was handed to the country’s forestry officials at the government who used it to warn residents about the dangers of snakes clambering up trees and entering through open windows.

They said: ”Be aware. If you keep flowers or a small tree, don’t make it near the window of the house. Luckily the window glass was not open.”

A government spokesman said a young girl inside the family home recorded the footage.

They added: ”She wasn’t scared but if the snake had climbed inside there could have been problems. Always keep windows closed.”

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