Suicide Note


Thai Male found Hanging with Suicide Note on Bed

At around 1:00am on Wednesday January 4th, Pattaya police were called to investigate the death of a Thai male with a suicide note left on his bed.

The body was in room A8 of a local apartment building in Pattaya. The victim had used a piece of red cloth and tied himself to the metal bars guarding the front window of his room.

The victim, aged 33, showed no signs of injury, and on further inspection of the room, police found no evidence of any struggle however. A bottle of beer and a few cigarettes were found in the room, but more importantly, a note was left lying on the bed.

The hand written note was full of apologies, but police are still not 100% sure who the note was addressed to.

With no physical evidence to look at, police then spoke to a Thai female, 36, who told police that she was the victim’s girlfriend. She went on to explain how the victim had just come out of the temple after several days, and had always been a very religious man. She noted that the victim was a quiet man who liked to keep his thoughts to himself. She expressed deep regret at what had happened, as they had been together almost 12 years, yet she saw no signs leading up to this tragic event.

Police are continuing the investigation with a view to finding out more about who the note was addressed to, hoping it might lead to some answers why the victim decided to take his own life.

  • kitadech

    looks like his body has been stretched !!!

    • Quincy

      Hes neck is!

  • Sly

    Should change the acronym of this place to LOSS-Land of strange suicides.

    • Homebrew

      Truly Bizarre. Nobody leaves before finishing all the smokes and the last beer, unless it was warm…

  • ken

    This 36 year old woman must be another rice farmers daughter. Once they leave the paddy fields, all they do is leave a trail of destruction behind them.

    • kitadech

      same same same old bloody comments why dont yu go play in the paddy fields???? she could be a rubber plantations owners daughter !!!!

      • ken

        So u have any original thoughts of your own or is your role here just to reply to everything I write? Stop stalking me, its ceeepy.

        • popeye the sailorman

          your the big creep on here with all your nasty comments about Thailand and its peoples

    • Robbie9

      It has always been obvious you are a racist but now it is more then obvious you are an ignorant moron.
      What do you do for fun? Pluck the wings from flys?
      I believe if one was to have a drink with you for any length of time one would top oneself

      • ken

        Obvious only to u. I just tell the truth and u don’t like
        It but with an IQ of 9 I can understand why

        • Robbie9

          Is that the best you can say?
          Really I should feel sorry for you

    • noname

      What’s wrong with being a rice farmer’s daughter exactly? You look down on farmers because they don’t make a lot of money? I take it you don’t depend on farmers for your survival then?

      • Quincy

        Alot of Ladyboys are Rice Farmers Sons!

        • ken

          Yes!! You are correct. But we all know this already.
          They are far too lazy to work on a farm, so they take their drink and drug fueled existence to Pattaya. Throw on a frock and make their living robbing tourists.

      • ken

        They grow up to be working girls.

    • Quincy

      What´s a Paddyfield? an Irish Football pitch? hahaha 😀

  • Ken Jr

    they had been together almost 12 years, yet she saw no signs leading up to this tragic event.
    If She Didn’t Spend all her Time At the Bar , she Probably would …… It doesn’t Matter ,1 less Thai Men = A Better Thailand

  • tommy bone

    Another tortured soul making the ultimate decision. RIP.

  • ken

    Another rice farmers daughter out of her misery which is a good thing for her and society.

    • Peter

      All Thai males die, and their girlfriends go work as bargirl….is that your wet dream?

      • ken

        No, that those statements about Thai males and their GFs you made are essentially true.

  • .kim

    Think Ken was married to Rice Girl…. back in the Day…..
    most likely Taken for all his Money and condo when Better Deal came along!
    ken u should lighten up Try a LB,,, maybe better luck there!

    • Quincy

      Ken was married to a Rice Queen hahaha

    • Patamnak Hill Hobo

      This Ken is one angry as hell halfwit always blaming a rice farmers daughter and Thai men it’s quite obvious he is another idiot stupid farang who has lost everything.

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