Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man


Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man

A ladyboy has been arrested and charged with theft after admitting to stealing a Swiss man’s credit card after a late night romp in Walking Street.

Everything seemed normal for the tourist after he had enjoyed a bit of fun with the ladyboy which he had willingly picked up from Walking Street, late at night.

A short while later, however, he realised that his credit card was missing, but thought nothing of it and decided that he would deal with the problem the following day.

Unfortunately for him, he could a nasty shock the following day when he realised that over 55,000 baht had been spent using his missing card. The only conclusion was that the ladyboy had stolen it and so he went straight to the police to file a report.

After filing the report and giving police a very accurate description of the suspect, it didn’t take police long at all to track down and make the arrest of the culprit.

The suspect, Sutthipong Lamsoong, 33, told police that Raffael Denungs, 29, had taken him to his room, but after their romp, he felt the need to steal the Swiss man’s credit card.

Mr. Denum showed police a bank statement showing a total of 55,828 baht in goods had been run up on his card.

This was not the first time Sutthipong had stolen from a tourist. As well as admitting this particular incident, he also asked police to add the charge to a previous incident involving an Irish man.

Police charged the suspect for both incidents for theft.

Amazingly, the Swiss tourist was happy to smile for the cameras with police and local chief Apichai Krobpetch, after all was said and done.

  • Wobert Waymond Wichards

    I don’t mind a Ladyboy now and then, butt i’d be Buggered if i’d tell every one about it, some people have no shame.

    • Danny

      Did you just say that you would never tell everyone about a LB affair?
      Did you? hahahahaaa…..

      • Wobert didn´t wealy mean it

      • Wobert Waymond Wichards

        You’re too quick for me Danny.

    • Kim Jung un

      You were buggered

    • You´d be buggered? O_o

  • ken

    This Bottom feeder of a Swiss f@g should check his card again as those bent cops will surely make some purchases for their own use. Its the manner in which things are done in this wasteland,

    • Roy Porter

      If you don’t like it it here don’t moan. The airport is only an hour away !

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  • Be careful

    Shocking safety of credit cards. If I understand it correctly then the ladyboy bought goods with the credit card of the Switzerland guy. No seller cared or did not want to care that the ladyboy might not be the owner. A good reason not to use credit cards. In respect of the usage of the ladyboy – I guess the Switzerland guy wanted to have a special experience and he got it…

    • Roy Porter

      When I use my Bank of Bangkok debit card in Tesco Lotus or Big C the girls never check the signature. I could sign Mickey Mouse and the transaction would still go through !

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    He realized his credit card WAS missing but thought nothing of it this ladyboy must have had him in his spell of love .

  • weasel

    everything seemed normal for the tourist after he enjoyed a bit of fun with the ladytboy? how is this behaviour normal????

    • soidog

      Normal for him?

  • Chris Snell

    Hope that good police officer washed his hand after the photo you dont know where that faggoty swedes hand has been

    • Robins

      Swiss-Swede, what’s the difference, they’re both Euro queers.

  • Ken Anderson

    This whole sordid affair disgusts me.
    Anyone foolish and sick enough to get involved with those vile creatures, are putting themselves in great danger. They are criminal Thai men of the very worst kind.

    • Deadhorse.

      Not all Swiss are bad.

      • Ken Anderson

        Of course they are not. But all ladyboys are.

        • Guest

          Then you keep on picking them up on Beachroad

      • kim

        Not all LBs are Bad!

        • Deadhorse.

          Of course not. This was meant as a joke but ………….

    • pompeypaul

      Speaking from experience eh Ken

  • Charles Baht Esquire.

    it’s a wonder this ladyboy didn’t pay for his plumbing realignment operation and silicon jugs enhancement implants this Swiss chocolate block heads credit card before he put a stop on his credit card if he did at all after all he was under the spell of ladyboy love.

  • Justin Cider

    Thanks to P1 I now know that “having a romp” is an euphemism for sucky-f@cky of the queer kind. Makes you wonder how LB stole the credit card – clenched between his @ss cheeks no doubt.

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