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You got it wrong Facebook ‘hoe’

Facebook apologizes for confusing landmark name with offensive term

Facebook has apologized after visitors to a popular seaside landmark in Britain found their posts removed because the name of the location was confused for a misogynistic term.

Members of Facebook groups based in Plymouth, England, said posts that mentioned the name of Plymouth Hoe were removed by the social media site and some users found their accounts temporarily suspended on accusations of using offensive language.

The name of the landmark comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “hoe,” which describes a sloping ridge shaped like an inverted foot and heel.

Facebook admitted the word was mistakenly confused for offensive speech, leading to posts being erroneously removed.

“These posts were removed in error and we apologize to those who were affected. We’re looking into what happened and will take steps to rectify the error,” a Facebook representative told The Guardian.


Facebook apologized after multiple posts were removed from the social media site due to the name of the Plymouth Hoe, a popular seaside landmark in Plymouth, England, was confused for an offensive term. front picture

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