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Woman seriously injured in Thailand taxi crash forced to pay £35,000 after wrongly believing she had travel insurance with bank

Travel agent Abbie Sontag, 28, from Harlow in Essex, has been forced to pay out £35,000 for medical care after the crash near Phuket

A travel agent has been left ‘unable to move’ after the taxi she and her partner were in was in a head-on smash with a lorry in Thailand.
Abbie Sontag, from Harlow, and her boyfriend Pete Brudenell had only been enjoying their holiday on the south-eastern Asian country for a matter of days when they were involved in a serious collision with a lorry.
The 28-year-old has had to pay out £35,000 as she is stuck in the Thailand hospital and cannot be transferred.
On a GoFundMe page it states that the travel agent thought she had insurance with her bank – but was wrong.
The couple were travelling from Phuket to Khao Lak in a local taxi when they were hit head on by the lorry, which also hit the car in front too.
The couple were admitted to Phuket Hospital in Bangkok with severe injuries – Abbie breaking three ribs, rupturing her spleen and bowel and now needs surgery on her back.
Abbie’s mother Natalie, step dad Russell Brooks and sister Ellis immediately got the first available flight to Thailand on Tuesday (May 8) and have remained at Abbie’s bedside ever since.
Unfortunately, the family discovered that Abbie does not have travel insurance and is not covered for any of the operations she has had or needs.
It is another devastating blow for Abbie and her family, who are currently trying to concentrate of getting the pair back to full health.
Abbie’s younger sister has now admitted that they are relying on the generosity of the general public to help with the costs.
The 25-year-old said: “Abbie and Pete are two of the most incredible, hard-working people and did not deserve this to happen to them.
“They were only a few days into their travels when the tragedy struck. They were hit by a lorry head on and then it hit the car in front and spun into theirs.
“They are being so incredibly brave and have both had painful operations. Abbie’s injuries included a broken spine, three broken ribs and a ruptured spleen and bowel.
Abbie will have back surgery this weekend (Image: Essex Live WS)
“Abbie is awaiting surgery on her spine that will happen this Saturday.
“We were hit with the devastating news that Abbie’s insurance does not cover her medical bills and we are now relying on the generosity of people to help raise the money to get Abbie the medical help she needs without having the worries of paying it all back.
Both Abbie and Pete remain in hospital in Thailand recovering from their injuries. Abbie is unable to move until she has had the operation on her spine, while Pete has already had surgery on his intestines, bowel and spleen.
More than £16,000 has already been raised online, but the family are still short of their £35,000 target. BS -EP

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