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Woman Found Dead in Sauna at Popular Fitness Center, Body Exposed to Heat for 4-5 Hours

68-year-old woman was found in a sauna at a well-known fitness centre within the Jang Wattana shopping comple

Police officers in Nonthaburi Province launched an urgent investigation after the body of a 68-year-old woman was discovered in a sauna at a well-known fitness center within the Jang Wattana shopping complex. The discovery, made at approximately 6:00 p.m., prompted the immediate involvement of rescue workers and medical personnel from the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The woman, a regular customer at the fitness center, was found with severe skin damage indicative of prolonged heat exposure. Staff members, who initially attempted resuscitation, unfortunately confirmed her death on-site. Visible signs of heat damage included redness and peeling of the skin on her arms, chest, and face.

According to fitness center employees, the woman had arrived for her usual morning workout at around 8:00 a.m. However, after 11:00 a.m., staff assumed she had left since they had not seen her for several hours. It wasn’t until the early evening that her body was found in the sauna, leading to a frantic but futile attempt to revive her.

Early medical assessments suggest that the woman had been exposed to the high temperatures of the sauna for an estimated 4-5 hours. This prolonged exposure caused critical thermal injuries, ultimately leading to her demise. Police have since collected evidence and informed her family.

The body has been transported for a more detailed examination at the Institute of Forensic Medicine to establish an exact cause of death. This tragic incident raises significant concerns about safety protocols within fitness centers, particularly regarding the monitoring of facilities like saunas, which, if used improperly, can pose serious health risks.

Credit: AseanNow

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