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Win Motorbike strikes again! Driver from application receives bloody ear

Win Motorbike

Win motorbike drivers famous once again for attacking a motorbike driver from an application. The video of the incident went viral on 24 January 2020 showing two Win motorbike drivers beating up the delivery driver.

One of the Win drivers holds the man by his neck while both Win drivers kick and punch the delivery driver. The delivery driver is not seen fighting back and slowly stands up after he is let free. The incident took place in Ratchada 36, Bangkok.

A girl called the motorbike driver to come to pick her up for work, the person who posted the video is her boyfriend. When the driver arrived he was attacked by 2 Win motorbike drivers even though they were nowhere near the Win station in the area. After the driver was attacked, one of his ears was bleeding. The driver still insisted to complete the job and deliver the girl to her workplace. He tried to deny accepting the payment but the customer paid him anyway.

The boyfriend captioned the post “My girlfriend called a bike this morning to work. The driver was attacked even though he parked far away from the Win station. The Win drivers followed my girlfriend and attacked the driver. These Win drivers are becoming more violent every day, who would want to sit behind such gangsters. He delivered my girlfriend even after he was attacked. At first, he wouldn’t even accept the payment but she gave it to him anyway. I feel sorry for him.”

The driver later messaged the customer “I went to file a report with the police and also visited the hospital. Thank You, dear customers, for helping me today. The more I think about it the more I appreciate the help. If you didn’t help cover me they would have hurt me even more. When I was cornered in front of the home they continued to punch me left and right. I was afraid that you would get injured too. I saw a car driving by so I ran out into the road hoping that they would stop if they realized more people were there. Instead, they didn’t care and continued to lock me down while beating me nonstop. This was when your boyfriend arrived and you started to capture the video so they finally stopped. Thank You again dear customer and your boyfriend, your hearts are good.”

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