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No more boat operator conflicts or its a fine

No more boat operator conflicts or its a fined

In light of the increasing tensions observed among tour boat operators, the city authorities have undertaken decisive measures to establish a comprehensive framework for organizing and regulating the business, with a specific focus on the Bali Hai Pier located in South Pattaya. The underlying issue stems from conflicts among tour boat operators who engage in competitive tactics to attract customers. Certain operators have implemented strategies, such as engaging with tourists prior to their vehicles being fully parked, which has resulted in visitor discomfort and a negative impact on the city’s reputation.
On September 2nd, Pol. Maj. Jirawat Sukonthasap, the Head of the Local Administration Division at Pattaya City Hall, took charge of a team consisting of municipal and law enforcement officials. Their objective was to convene at Bali Hai Pier and engage in a collaborative effort with the Pattaya City Police, Banglamung District Office, and Port Office. The purpose of this joint effort was to address various concerns and establish a set of regulations specifically tailored for tour boat operators in the Pattaya area.

According to Jirawat, the disagreements arise due to operators engaging in efforts to attract clients away from one another, occasionally employing aggressive strategies. This conduct has resulted in conflicts and verbal disputes among operators. The purpose of today’s on-site visit is to address and find resolutions for customer issues and conflicts that may arise between operators.

The speaker placed additional emphasis on the matter, stating, “In the future, we will strongly encourage all operators to abstain from actively seeking customers beyond the confines of their assigned areas.” Additionally, it is proposed that two signage installations be implemented in strategically selected parking locations, explicitly forbidding the obstruction of public walkways, disturbance of public tranquility, and inconvenience to both local inhabitants and visitors. Perpetrators could potentially be subject to a maximum prison sentence of one month or a monetary penalty ranging from 500 to 1,000 Baht, as outlined in the provisions of the Criminal Code.

The aforementioned signage shall be conspicuously exhibited within the vicinity of the pier. The local authorities express a positive outlook towards the potential effectiveness of these initial efforts in addressing the prevailing difficulties, contingent upon the cooperation of tour boat operators. Jirawat emphasized that the implementation of these laws will be promptly initiated in order to address the current issues. Furthermore, a comprehensive meeting has been arranged with tour boat operators in the vicinity, slated to take place on September 7, with the aim of delving deeper into potential collaborative resolutions.

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