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Wife suing her husband’s mistress for humiliation

Wife suing her husband’s mistress for humiliation

A woman slightly injury in a failed attempt to stop the car driven by her husband and carrying his mistress from leaving a petrol station in Trang’s Muang district on Saturday night has vowed to sue the mistress for humiliating her.

Muang Trang deputy police inspector Captain Ratthakarn Phromrat said the woman who claimed to be the man’s first and legal wife lodged a complaint and said she would sue the mistress for causing her great humiliation but will not sue her husband.

Ratthakarn said his supervisor instructed him to probe this case straight-forwardly and interview all those involved for possible legal action.

The incident was caught on CCTV and shows the unnamed wife clinging to the side of her husband’s car for about 100 metres before she fell and a front wheel ran over her.

The car sped away, leaving her lying unconscious on the road in tambon Thab Thiang.

The woman ran into her husband and his mistress at a gas station while the man was putting petrol in is car.

The husband reportedly tried to drive away with the petrol pump still in the car and without paying the Bt300 bill.

Source: Thai Visa

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