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What your Chinese zodiac says about your travel style in 2019

What your Chinese zodiac says about your travel style in 2019

The Chinese believe that one’s personality and destiny are influenced by their Chinese zodiac sign. How about letting your spirit animal decide your travel plans this Year of the Pig?

Hospitality company Airbnb has looked into Malaysia’s booking data and recommended trending destination and travel habits based on your zodiac signs.

From travelling to Bali for a surf adventure to experiencing Puebla’s amazing architecture, here are some suggestions for an auspicious travel.


Rats are imaginative and enjoy living in the moment, even if that means looking for excitement not far from home. You are charming and are happy to stay at a place that exudes energy and style. How about renting out a sexy apartment overlooking the Kuala Lumpur skyline for a staycation? Consider renting out a sexy apartment overlooking the Kuala Lumpur skyline for a staycation.


You are a natural leader, goal-driven and steadfast. Although you’ll have no problem exploring new pastures, a large group travel might not be quite your thing. Consider a quiet rainforest retreat in Templer Park, Selangor, to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Rainforest retreat in Templer Park, Selangor.


You are courageous, self-possessed and enjoys being in charge. Solo exploration to fulfil self-driven ambitions is definitely the way to go. A nature lover, you prefer off-the-beaten path where you can take a break from the bustle of city living. Why not live by the beach in Ahipara, New Zealand or hideaway in a villa in Bali for a surf adventure? Go to Bali for a surf adventure.


Being fun-loving and expressive, your idea of a good time is activity with your loved ones. You are a big fan of quirky accommodation such as tents, huts and treehouses. How about going on a getaway with your significant other to a secluded tree house Airbnb listing in Atlanta, US? Go on a getaway with your significant other at a secluded tree house.


Full of energy and charisma, you are prepared to forgo traditional vacation ideas. However, do remember that strength without flexibility will lead to fracture. Your idea of the perfect getaway is something quirky…like this “dragon home” in Westhall, Britain. Stay somewhere quirky, like this “dragon home” in Westhall, Britain.


You have a keen eye for design, good with money and extremely analytical. Lofts are the accommodation of choice for you, with high ceilings and cozy corners. How about taking a longer trip to Bali and spending your afternoons curling up in a corner reading. Get cosy with a Balinese massage that incorporates traditional ingredients.


You’re energetic and love to roam wild and free. Your love for travelling may be taking a backseat with your frugal approach. Edinburgh, Scotland, is a great destination to satiate your free spirit. Although cost is concern, that shouldn’t deter you from living large. Airbnb has a castle listing for about RM600 per night. Airbnb has a castle listing in Edinburgh for about RM600 ringgit per night.


Being home is where you feel most comfortable. You spend more time self-reflecting so a home with big windows and a comfortable couch will be the perfect go-to spot for a creative thinker like yourself. Step out of your comfort zone this year and go for a hike in Seoul, South Korea. Seek inspiration by going on a hiking trail in Seoul, South Korea.


You are energetic and loves to have fun. Always bursting with ideas, you have no problem finding fun in the unlikeliest of places. Check out Puebla, a two-hour drive from Mexico City. The destination is a unique alternative to the typical Mexican beach vacation. While you’re there, sign up for a gastronomy workshop. Sign up for a gastronomy workshop in Puebla.


Practical and neat, you prefer to fly mid-haul where you can rule the roost on the other side of the world. When it comes to holiday destinations, you look for places with clean cut designs and architecture. Seoul and Osaka are your go-to destinations. In Osaka, meet some locals and learn to cook some traditional Japanese dishes. Meet some friendly locals when you sign up for classes in Osaka.


Loyal and faithful, you prefer yearly long-haul destinations instead of quick regional trips. Those born in the Year of the Dog have tougher time finding like-minded mates. Perhaps that’s why you wag your tail at the very idea of a solo trip. If you are planning one soon, your best bet would be to head to Paris, the City of Love. Learn perfumery methods while in Paris.


You are well-mannered and provide a sense of calm to the people around you. These attributes explain why you would rather travel within Malaysia where it’s easy to explore in a group and hang out with family. Capture these moments as a family by signing up for a portrait photoshoot experience in Georgetown, Penang.

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