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Virtual Instagram Strip Clubs Have Become A Thing

Virtual Instagram Strip Clubs

Virtual Instagram Strip Clubs Have Become A Thing

There are many aspects of everyday life that we’re missing right now, from pubs and restaurants through to live sporting events – something that has prompted people to get a little creative so that they can recreate those experiences in safe ways.

It seems this even applies to strip clubs, which have now started popping up virtually on social media platforms like Instagram.

Social media personality Justin LaBoy, 28, and P Diddy’s son Justin Dior Combs, 26, have teamed up to start streaming strip clubs on Instagram Live under the name of the ‘Respectfully Justin Show’ – which already has famous fans including The Weeknd, Diplo and various sports stars.

Shaquille O’Neal, Meek Mill, YG, Casanova and Lil Yachty have also all joined the stream as special guests.
Combs told the New York Times: “It started out as us going to live together, and it turned into this crazy thing.

“People ask me every night if the Live is going on. Justin has this crazy cult like following, and it’s just getting started.”

He added: “It’s become larger than life.”

Former basketball player LaBoy said the idea first came to him at 1am one day, when he was bored one evening and live streaming to his 60,000 followers.

LaBoy said: “I was like, man, I need a demon to call up.

“I said, ‘Where my demons at?'”

It wasn’t long before women started requesting to appear on the live stream, or before LaBoy’s followers became firm fans of the idea – prompting the Instagrammer to realise he was missing a trick.

LaBoy continued: “I was like, hold up, we can’t be doing this for free.

“Some girls were dancing, twerking, taking it all off.”

To make sure the stream’s stars were getting adequate compensation for their hard work, LaBoy pinned the dancer’s Cash App usernames to the top of the feed so that people could send them money as they performed.

LaBoy has revealed on Twitter that his Instagram page was recently ‘deleted’, but by the sounds of it he’s working hard to get things back up and running.

And Combs and LaBoy aren’t the only two to be thinking outside the box when it comes to the constraints of social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine.

Magic City, a strip club in Atlanta, has also begun offering virtual lap dance performances on Instagram Stories, while rapper Tory Lanez recently started hosting ‘Quarantine Radio’ dance nights for his 7.5 million followers.

Welcome to 2020, everyone.

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