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Video: Barber Cuts Penis Into Customer’s Hair After He Asked For ‘Something Different’

The ‘say no more fam’ meme became a reality this week when a man made the mistake of asking his barber for ‘something different’ and followed this by saying ‘do what you want’.

'Something Different'

Leaving his trim at the whim of his hairdresser and allowing him to fill in the blanks proved to be a regrettable decision, however – the barber took the ‘something different’ instruction quite literally and ended up shaving a gigantic cock and balls on the back of his head. Yikes!

We’ve got to hand it to the barber – he’s done a stand-up job of it. Not only does it look like a thoroughly decent shave (finishing off with a cut throat razor, no less), but he’s really gone to town on the detail, even shaving out a little helmet and pee hole while he was at it.

As you can see in the video, the customer is not best pleased about being made to look like a quite literal dickhead and starts kicking off all over the place at his less-than-desirable new ‘do.

Although what was he expecting? You ask a barber in front of a room full of lads for ‘something different’ and chances are you’re going to get a cock and balls shaved out. Pretty sure this is one of the primary commandments in the Banter Bible.

Also, shout out to the dude who starts spraying the customer’s head as he’s raging around the shop. You know he was enjoying every second.

Luckily the customer eventually starts to lighten up (after trying to knock out his barber), letting out a little chuckle after catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Hopefully they all headed out for a few beers after so he could really see the funny side.

And anyway, he should count himself lucky that it was just an easily erasable penis and not a full on Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber ‘do – sadly the same can’t be said for this poor bloke, who was left fuming after a dodgy haircut left him looking like Jim Carrey circa 1994. Safe to say he did not like it a lot.

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