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Video: ​Man Arrested For Jumping Through Taxi Roof During England Celebrations

England fans have had many reasons to celebrate hard over the past few weeks, having eagerly watched their team go from strength to strength in the 2018 World Cup. Most footage of the antics has been pretty heartwarming to watch – usually just involving some LADs merrily singing ‘Three Lions’ down the pub – but sadly not all supporters have been able to channel their energy in such a good-spirited, positive way:

The clip shows an England fan smash through a taxi roof after clambering on top of it to celebrate England’s win against Sweden on Saturday.

The poor cabbie was left ‘traumatised‘ as crowds started chanting ‘Where’s your taxi gone?’, as the bloke climbed up onto the grey saloon car in Nottingham, East Midlands, and plunged through the shattered roof.

The driver can be heard asking the man ‘Why are you doing this?’ as the shirtless man carried on, his face covered with black sunglasses and a black t-shirt.

One onlooker said: ”Everybody was happy but this guy got caught up in the moment. He went overboard. I feel sorry for the cabbie because he won’t be able to work while he gets the car repaired.”

Nottingham Cars, the company that owns the vehicle, said the driver had been unable to work after the man attacked his car, which had to be taken to mechanics to get repaired.

Operations manager Tony Vaccoli said: ”The driver had just dropped off a passenger in Market Square. Unfortunately it was at the same time as the England game finished and he was caught up in the crowds celebrating.

”He was in the car at the time but he jumped out because he was scared. You can hear him in some of the videos asking why they are doing it.

”He has been left traumatised by it. He can’t work and we’re currently assessing the damage to see how much the repairs will cost.

”All we know at this point is that one person has been arrested. Everyone wants to enjoy the football but this is not on.”

Police have said that a 27-year-old man has been arrested for what happened, and added that they are also still searching for another alleged offender.

Chief Inspector Simon Allardice also condemned the man’s actions, saying: ”The vast majority of people enjoyed Saturday’s celebrations safely and these incidents relate to a select number of people who took things too far.

”We want people to enjoy this momentous occasion but safely and with respect for others.

”We ask people who are out for the event on Wednesday to consider their actions, particularly when the sun is shining and alcohol is involved, and be mindful that there will be an increased police presence.

“It’s completely unacceptable for a handful of people to ruin the celebrations for others and we won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour in Nottingham.”

The news comes after some other football fans were photographed trashing an ambulance in London, which was left with a smashed windscreen and a dented bonnet and had to be taken off the road to be repaired.

C’mon, LADs – we know it’s exciting and all, but let’s keep it clean, eh?

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