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Vampire’ murder: Man arrested in Zimbabwe after ‘blood sucking’ attack

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested a suspect after an elderly woman was killed with her throat slit up. Witnesses claim the attacker, dubbed ‘vampire’, sucked from the wound and drained blood into a pot.

Christopher Sibanda, 34, allegedly attacked his victim, who was on her way home from a local hospital, in Sikhewu village. Police say the attacker hit Subusisiwe Sigauke several times with a log before slitting her throat to engage in a bloody ritual.

According to the Chronicle, the bloodsucking murderer was then discovered by the villagers and attempted to escape the site, but was apprehended by his neighbors and handed over to police. It is alleged that Sibanda was found “kneeling next to the body” as he was “sticking his mouth on the wound”.

Eyewitnesses to the chilling scene told the Chronicle that the attacker had also collected some of his victim’s blood that apparently oozed from her wound into a pot.

Local councilor Edaward Marijeni said that the horrifying murder perplexed and outraged the villagers. He added that, although Sibanda gave an impression of a man “who sometimes seems to lose his mind”, he had “never been violent”.

This is not the first bloodsucking episode in Zimbabwe. In 2015, self-confessed Satanist Alois Tapiwa Nduna was accused of raping, murdering and blood-draining some 13 women all over the country.

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