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Update: Thai man HACKS best friend to death with a SWORD

Thai man

Police who went to rented rooms in the Ban Peuk area of Chonburi early Friday morning found an absolute bloodbath.

They had been told there had been a murder.

Waiting outside in a blathering and incoherent state was a 21-year old Phaitoon who was covered in blood.

Inside the room was 27-year old Ekkachai who had been hacked to pieces with a sword.

Phaitoon, originally from Khon Kaen and working at a paper factory in Chonburi, said he had gone to pick up his close friend but an argument had developed when they got to the room.

He claimed his mate had threatened to kill him and his family. Angered by this he attacked his friend with a sword then continued attacking him repeatedly.

He went to neighbors for help getting his friend to the hospital, but by then it was far too late.

Police suspect, they were doing drugs together.

Phaitoon was charged with murder and weapons offences and detained.

Only go to the source of the 77kaoded story if you have a strong stomach for grisly images.

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