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Underage Sex Workers in Soi Buakow

Underage Girls found working in Beer Bar located in Soi Buakow

At 10:30pm on January 10th, Pattaya police made their way down to a beer bar located at the central Pattaya end of Soi Buakow, to investigate reports of underage sex workers.

Previously to this, police had received several reports regarding the bar, saying that they were employing underage girls, in which foreigners could go in and pay for sexual favours, which is strictly forbidden in Thailand.

Police got together a team of undercover investigators, and sat down to come up with a plan of attack, to check out if these allegations were actually true or not. They entered the bar and spoke to what looked like the lady in charge, inquiring about the services on offer. After a brief discussion, 1,000 Baht exchanged hands and a young looking girl came forward. It was later found out that the girl offering her services was only 17 years old.

Police were led upstairs to a small guest house, where customers could enjoy the company of the particular girl that they had chosen for an agreed period of time.

Police took several pictures as evidence for the case and will be prosecuting the owner(s) of the bar in accordance with the Thai law.

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