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Ukraine shoots down ‘recon’ Balloons

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‘Reconnaissance’ balloons flown by Russia are shot down by Ukraine

Given that Moscow has lost 50% of its tanks in the conflict, Russia may be utilizing balloons to conserve its diminishing stock of spy drones.

According to the military administration of Kyiv, six Russian balloons were sighted over the Ukrainian capital, and the majority of them were shot down by air defense after engaging them.

Although air alarms were sent in Kyiv on Wednesday, officials did not indicate when the balloons soared above the capital. The balloons may have been carrying corner reflectors and reconnaissance equipment.

The military administration posted on the Telegram messaging service, “According to information that is now being clarified, they were balloons that travel in the air under the propulsion of wind.”

The balloons may have been sent into the air to try to find and deplete our air defense.

Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of last year prompted Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, to speculate just before the announcement that Russia would be utilizing balloons in a fresh effort to protect its stockpiles of spy drones.

“Russia is now using reconnaissance drones like the Orlan-10 less frequently, so they reasoned, ‘Why don’t we utilize these balloons?'” Ihnat said on Ukrainian television that they are thus being used.

Later, he acknowledged that balloons flying overhead on Wednesday caused air raid sirens to sound throughout the city.

The allegations of balloons over Kyiv were not immediately met with a response from Russia.

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