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Heat surges as high as 45.8 degrees Celsius

The following are the hotspots that the department predicted for each region: 

Tak Province in the North; 41°C heat index 

Northeast: 38.4C Si Sa Ket 

Bang Na district of Bangkok, 45.5C 

Chonburi, East, 45.8C 

South: 43.3C in Phang Nga 

The heat index, commonly referred to as the “felt air temperature,” uses a combination of air temperature and humidity to gauge how hot it actually feels on a person’s skin. 

Anyone working outdoors for long periods of time might develop heat exhaustion, which causes nausea, headaches, muscle aches, and dizziness, at a “alert” level of 32–41°C heat index. 

A “warning” level is triggered by a heat index between 41 and 54 degrees Celsius because anyone working outside can have heatstroke, which has more severe symptoms than heat exhaustion. The TMD forecast scorching to extremely hot temperatures and cloudy conditions for Wednesday due to a heat low sweeping upper Thailand. 

In the meantime, it continued, southerly and southeasterly winds that are prevalent across the lower Northeast and East will bring sporadic thundershowers and brisk winds. 

It cautioned people to take care of their health and to use caution in hot and dangerous weather. 

According to the TMD, a moderate high-pressure system from China will pass across upper Thailand from Thursday to Sunday. This system will bring summer storms, thunderstorms, gusty winds, sporadic hail, and lightning strikes to the lower Northeast and East.

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