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Tyson Fury’s Explosive Final Message to Oleksandr Usyk Before Fight Night

Tyson Fury's Fiery Message to Usyk: "I'm Coming for His Heart"

Tyson Fury was fired up as he took to the mic after a heated face-off with Oleksandr Usyk on Friday night.

At Thursday’s press conference, Fury refused to look at Usyk, but at the weigh-ins, it was a completely different story. Fury appeared locked in and fired up as he butted heads with Usyk before pushing him during their final face-off.

Security stepped in and separated the rivals as Fury grabbed the mic to deliver an explicit final message to Usyk and his team.

“We’re ready to rock and roll, I’m going to knock this fer spark out,” Fury shouted. “I’m coming for his heart, f his belts. I’m coming for his fing heart. F his team as well, they can all get it.”

The heavyweight titans weighed in at significantly different weights. Usyk tipped the scales at a career-heaviest 233.5 lbs, while Fury dropped 15.7 lbs from his last fight against Francis Ngannou, weighing in at 262 lbs, his lightest since 2018 when he fought Deontay Wilder for the first time.

Fury looked intensely focused, pushing Usyk as they came face to face one last time before the fight. After security intervened, Fury reiterated his fiery message, emphasizing his determination to win.

Usyk, weighing in 28.5 lbs lighter than Fury, responded with a calm but ominous message. “Don’t be afraid, I will not leave you alone tomorrow,” he said. “If I will be nervous, I won’t win. My fans, I love you, see you tomorrow.”

Throughout the buildup, tensions between Fury and Usyk’s teams have run high. On Monday, a heated altercation broke out at a hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during which Fury’s father, John Fury, was caught on camera headbutting a member of Usyk’s team, Stanislav Stepchuk. John Fury later apologized, citing high emotions and tensions.

As fight night approaches, both fighters are ready for the ultimate showdown, with Fury aiming to dominate and Usyk remaining steadfast in his resolve.

Credit: TalkSport

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