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Travel Insurance do you still need it?

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Is travel insurance necessary for Thailand?

Every time you leave your house, whether for work or a vacation, there is a chance that you will get into an accident and sustain an unlucky injury.

If you come from a country where they have universal healthcare well lucky you!

However, regardless of your age, sexual orientation, or activities, traveling overseas involves taking risks in a strange place. A vacation is a time when you unwind and have fun while traveling to a new location.

Many tourists return home after their vacations filled with wonderful memories, new acquaintances, experiences, photos, and the occasional friendships formed.

However less fortunate travelers exist.

A few years ago, I started the process of looking for a travel insurance policy, but I never finished it. I was concentrating on my three-week vacation in Thailand. My bags, passport, money, and plane ticket were all ready after a quick inspection.

I usually start getting things ready a couple days before heading overseas. Work-related concerns had been resolved, and I was finally prepared to fly. It was now time to check into my hotel and start exploring with some of my Thai friends after an 11-hour flight had brought me to Bangkok.

I observed that my one leg appeared somewhat swelled when I was moving around and walking in a hot Bangkok. I stopped by a drugstore close to my hotel since I thought I might have sprained my foot from the uneven terrain. I reasoned that perhaps taking some anti-inflammatory medications would help

The moment the pharmacist saw my leg, he exclaimed, “HOSPITAL!”

What! Yep. I was given a diagnosis of DVT after a brief visit, a few shots, and a bag full of medication (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Remember, I had a budget set aside for this vacation, and the hospital visit ate up a significant portion of it.

I should have spent a little more time researching and purchasing the travel insurance.

I am very grateful that I did not wind up in the hospital because I would have been seriously up the creek without a paddle if I had. Every traveler to Thailand should have travel and health insurance because of the rising number of accidents and mishaps each year. In case anything happens, you want to protect yourself from having to pay exorbitant medical fees.

When sightseeing, riding a motorcycle, eating something you’ve never tried before, or simply owing to the tropical weather, you run the risk of getting hurt.

Over time, more instances of persons being hospitalized without insurance and then pleading with the public to “pay me” have been brought to the media’s attention.

The number of senior persons who find themselves in that situation is even more astonishing. Unfortunately, our vulnerability increases with age.

Many people spend a long time saving money for their “ideal” vacation but fail to plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances.

The most crucial consideration, in my opinion, is whether I can afford to take the risk of forgoing travel insurance.

Whether you visit a government-funded hospital or a private one, healthcare expenditures are rising.

There is presently little assistance from one’s embassy or consulate in such circumstances.
The UK Embassy advises you to seek help from your friends and relatives (Financially).

The following coverage should always be part of your travel insurance:

1) medical costs and transportation costs should you become unwell or wounded while traveling;

2) personal injury; and

3) insurance for accidents or damage you may cause.

When you experience a medical emergency while traveling, the majority of travel insurance policies will cover your doctor and hospital bills up to the benefit level.

However, you must pay special attention to how your travel medical insurance handles pre-existing conditions and whether it will settle with the hospital directly or whether you must pay first and then submit a claim.

Conditions That Already Exist

Pre-existing condition coverage is governed by several travel health insurance policies, starting with the term’s definition.

Plans frequently contain a “look-back” period when, depending on the policy, the plan will review your medical history to see if an illness first manifested itself within a time frame of up to a year.

Your life might be made easier if you have comprehensive travel insurance in the event of an unplanned hospital stay. It gives people a much-needed financial safety net during serious medical situations.

Thailand is typically a safe country to travel to, but accidents can occasionally happen. The danger of running into financial issues can be reduced with the right insurance coverage, which also enables you to receive the right medical care while abroad.

Government is under pressure for foreign land buy

Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance coverage for your trip before departing from your home country for your vacation.

You can purchase a policy online by clicking here.

If you don’t have travel insurance and arrive in Thailand, you can purchase one from one of the several local insurance companies.

Insurance for travel. Never leave for a vacation without it!

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