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Traffic has returned as citizens head back to Bangkok.

Traffic has returned as citizens head back to Bangkok.

Bangkokians are returning to Bangkok after the happy countdown to 2019 with their families in their hometown. Many citizens have started to return to Bangkok since yesterday (January 1st) from all parts of Thailand.

From the North-Eastern region on the Mittraphap Highway, there are over 10 kilometers of slow moving traffic. The traffic is expected to last until the 2nd of January, as citizens continue to drive back to Bangkok along with many more waiting to use the public buses and vans that travel to Bangkok and the city outskirts.

Bus terminals around the country are filled with lines of citizens waiting to purchase tickets as demands are extremely high for seats. In Nakhon Ratchasima, there will be over 200 routes leaving per day from the normal 160 routes.

Along the Mittraphap highway connecting Nakhon Ratchasima and other provinces to Bangkok, the traffic is in extreme conditions where the highway police are busy organizing and setting up special routes to help provide more options for cars on the highway and to help release the car buildup on the highway.

There are 3 special routes that each lead to different destinations. The first route is 10 kilometers long connecting Klong Pai in Sikhiu district to Nong Sarai in Pakchong district in the western part of Nakhon Ratchasima province to help release the traffic leading to Bangkok.

The second route is 6 kilometers long at Klang Dong in Pakchong district as the road belonging to the Mittraphap highway in the area is a high slope that climbs up the mountain causing great traffic as cars need to move slowly.

The third and last route is 5 kilometers long connecting Don Yao Yai in Nondang district to Taypalai in Kong district. This last route is to help provide another option for those wanting to connect to Kong district in Nakhon Ratchasima.

If possible, cars are advised to leave after the 3rd of January as traffic will be much better. Traveling back to Bangkok during this time will take all day and perhaps all night as most are required to travel back early for work.

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