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Traders of High Powered Water Guns Outlawed during Songkran

A top Thai consumer protection official told the media that anyone selling high powered water guns for use at Songkran faces a decade behind bars.
The public were urged to call 1166 to report sellers of the weapons.
Piknet Tapuang a deputy at the Office of the Consumer Protection Board was speaking to Channel 7 TV news and other media after a raid on a bottled water factory in Bang Plee near Bangkok.
He said the high powered guns adapted with PVC pipes could cause blindness.
He stated that the water could enter someone’s ear and travel through the head to the eye.
Tourists could be injured as well as Thais and the public needed to be protected from harm.
He stated that traders should not sell the guns – if they do they face ten years in jail and or a fine of one million baht.
Members of the public should use the 1166 hotline to inform inspectors of violations.
The news followed a raid on a toy factory in Thonburi when an incredulous trader was informed she faced jail for importing what she thought were harmless toys not war weapons. TP – EP

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