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 Tourist Jumps to His Death

Tourist Jumps to His Death

A Russian tourist was found dead outside a luxury condominium on Thepprasit Road in Pattaya police received a report of a possible suicide at an unidentified high-rise condominium and responded to the scene alongside rescue workers.

At the scene, authorities discovered the body of Mr. Roman Vlasenko, a 38-year-old Russian tourist, lying face-down outside the building. He was wearing a blue shirt and black shorts and had sustained several fatal injuries.

An unidentified security guard at the condominium stated that Mr. Vlasenko was a resident there. The guard reported seeing Mr. Vlasenko earlier that day, appearing intoxicated while wandering the condominium grounds. He was last seen walking on the 29th floor before his body was found around noon. No signs of struggle were found within Mr. Vlasenko’s room. Witnesses revealed that he had contacted his rental agent that morning, requesting a delay in his rent payment due to his credit card reportedly being frozen.

Additionally, authorities discovered that Mr. Vlasenko had recently been involved in a sexual harassment case with a masseuse at a local massage parlor in Pattaya in April, which had since been resolved.

Pattaya police suspect that Mr. Vlasenko may have been under significant stress, potentially leading to his suicide. However, a full autopsy will be conducted at the Police General Hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine to determine the exact cause of death.

Police have also contacted the Russian embassy to notify Mr. Vlasenko’s family about the tragic incident.

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