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Mother, Wife and now WIBA World Minimumweight Champion

Mother, Wife and now WIBA World Minimumweight Champion

Mother, Wife and now WIBA World Minimumweight Champion

Two days ago talking to Denise and her husband Lorne about their work, home life and raising their children, it was very easy to forget that this sweet woman was about to have the biggest fight in her long and amazing career.

16th October, I had a rare chance to catch Denise and Lorne just after a very hard training session for a very memorable video call. In the 20 minutes, I was talking to them both, I was just blown away by just how amazing this woman really is.

Everyday Denise and Lorne both hold down careers, look after their young children and take on grueling training sessions for the upcoming fight in Bangkok.

Denise lives in Bournemouth, England with her husband and small children, and she can only be described as the ultimate fitness specimen. Not only has Denise been a source of inspiration for many over the years she is also a successful semi-pro distance runner, being part of the world-renowned Chase Manhatten Running Team where she represented at the New York marathon and London Marathon amongst many other successful races with a sub 3:20:00 time she gained elite start status.

All this success was achieved in her own time whilst working full time deskbound within the banking industry. A traditional day would see Denise run a 10km or half marathon before work, five times a week in week out – then doing weights in her lunch break to enable family time for the evening.

Her husband Lorne is also an amazing person, he is a successful Muaythai Coach and puts Denise through her paces at every training session. As I was talking to them both, Denise came across as quite a shy lady, however, this could not be further from the truth as Denise has many fighting belts under her name and is an animal of a fighter.

As from Friday night, Denise made boxing history by becoming the only fighter to ever hold both the WBC World Muaythai Championship belt and also the WBC World Professional Boxing Belt.

I didn’t get to see the fight myself, but if you would like to know how it went, please click on this link to get more of the fight details. Denise and Lorne should be back in Thailand next year and I am hoping to catch up with them both and have an interview.

So what is next you might think, well Denise and Lorne now travel to La Casa Grande in the San Francisco Bay Area as she will be inducted into The 2019 WORLD MARTIAL ARTS MASTERS HALL OF FAME by the legendary Sifi Mark Gerry. You can follow Mark and also his amazing career here, and catch up on the Masters Hall of Fame as it happens.

For me and many others, the story of Denise is quite amazing and very inspiring. I came to Pattaya nearly 2 years ago weighing just 82kg and I am now nearly 97kg as I have said that I am too busy with my work to hit the gym or do any kind of fitness training. And there is Denise and Lorne that have both work and family but kept themselves in peak form as they have always made time for family, work, and fitness. I am probably not the only one that can take a leaf from their book, I can imagine that there are many more like me.

We will be having regular updates about Denise, Lorne, Sifi Mark Gerry and the Hall of Fame on November 3rd so stay tuned

Below are just some of the titles Denise has acquired over her fighting career and some photos/ videos of her more recent fight and training. These have been taken from her Facebook site.

If you wish to follow Denise you can do so by clicking this link:

Congratulations to Denise on her recent win from all of us at Pattaya One



WBC National Muaythai Champion
WBC International Muaythai Champion
WBC World Muaythai Champion
WIKBA International Muaythai Champion
WKA National Muaythai Champion
FIBA World Muaythai Champion
S1 World Muaythai Champion

Professional World Boxing Contender

WBC Inspirational Female Of The Year
Kings Cup Technique Fighter of the Night
Dorset Amateur Athlete of the Year

Getting closer ………. pre fight getting in the ZONE!!

Posted by Denise Castle on Saturday, October 26, 2019

True Dedication – after 23 hours of travelling non stop door to door Denise is gold the weigh in is in 2 hours after landing!!!!

Posted by Denise Castle on Thursday, October 24, 2019




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