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Tortured Dead body found in bathroom with hands and feet tied up

A man has been found dead with hands and feet tied up in his bathroom

On Friday April 7th at around 11:00am, emergency services were called to investigate a dead body and horrific murder at a 2 story town house in Pattaya.

At the scene, police found the body of a 69 year old Thai man lying on the bathroom floor. Both his hands and feet were tied up, and his head was covered by some underwear. He had suffered some injuries which indicated that he had been tortured before eventually being murdered.

His injuries included 4 stab wounds to the body, injuries to his right arm that looked like bite marks, and his neck was wrapped up with electrical cables.

Police got the call from the the victim’s step Son. The step Son is a monk at a local temple, and had called his step Father to check up on him. When there was no answer, he started to worry and made his way to his father’s house. Arriving at the house he noticed the door was locked, but could see both upstairs and downstairs aircon units were turned on. He forced his was into the house through the window, only to find the dead body of his step Father.

The Son gave a statement to police indicating that his step Father had recently taken a fancy to a younger woman, who was already married. He was also involved in the underground lottery scene, and money lending.

The police are still in dark as to the actual motive, and no suspects have been named up to now. Police are still gathering evidence as the investigation continues.

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