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Tire tracks lead to 5.3 million Yaba pills hidden in Cave

Tire tracks lead to 5.3 million Yaba pills hidden in Cave

5.3 million Yaba pills were discovered in a Cave in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai province. An official from the NBNC OC saw some tire tracks and wondered where it leads to. The official decided to follow the tire tracks and discovered large bags of drugs hidden inside a cave. The Yaba was planned to be delivered to the South of Thailand. It is estimated that over 50 million Yaba pills are in rotation at the border of Thailand.

This incident took place on the 30th of April this year when officials from the NBNC OC and the Chiang Dao Police worked together to carry out 27 large bags of Yaba that were hidden in a cave on a mountain village in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai. The hidden drugs were discovered in the morning of the same day thanks to the smart officer.


When the officials arrived at the cave entrance there was a man keeping watch protecting the drugs, but as soon as he saw who had arrived the man ran away into the jungle on the mountain.


The officials had information that there were drugs being smuggled in from neighboring countries and that they were being hidden along the Chiang Mai border. Then the Yaba was going to be moved into the different provinces of Thailand. The officials are searching for the routes used in smuggling drugs into each province.


Luckily, for this case, the official saw tire tracks in the jungle that he didn’t recognize. The officials decided to follow the tracks and found that there was a large cave hidden inside the jungle. Inside the cave were 27 large green bags with over 5.3 million Yaba pills.


The cave was located only 2 kilometers from the border, the drug smugglers are normally small groups of local people who know the different ways in bringing in the drugs without being noticed by the people and officials. Normally this involves carrying the drugs through forests and mountains and hiding the drug stock inside secret locations where humans normally don’t travel to such as the cave in this case.

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