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Thief steals safe then leaves it on motorbike to go get drunk

Thief steals safe then leaves it on motorbike to go get drunk

A 19 year old Thai man has been arrested in Pattaya after stealing his grandad’s safe, but the getting drunk and passing out on the beach.

The teenager was arrested after returning to the bike he had used for the robbery, which he had parked right outside of Hooters on Pattaya beach road.

It was fairly obvious that something wasn’t right with the bike when police noticed a large looking object tied to the back of it. After further inspection, they realised it was a safe.

After brief questioning, the man admitted to stealing the safe from his family home in Bangkok.

He was brough down to the police station for further questioning, but only after spending some time in the cells to sober up. Once he was back to “normal” he told police that he needed the money to pay off some outstanding football bets. He also mentioned that it wasn’t the first time he had stolen from his own family.

The teen admitted to feeling tired after arriving in Pattaya with the safe, so decided to celebrate his actions by relaxing with a few beers on the beach.

The victim of the robber, the teen’s grandad, 80 years old, was contacted and asked to come and identify his belongings. After identifying it was his safe, he still couldn’t get in to make sure all his stuff was still there as he had forgotten the password.

Eventually a locksmith was called and cracked it open to reveal a 10-baht-weight gold ornament worth more than 200,000 baht, gold bracelet, 65,000 baht cash and two bankbooks.

Police returned the valuables to the grandfather and turned over the grandson to Bangkok police for prosecution.

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