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The Power of Social Media raised 300K for senior couple in 1 day

The Power of Social Media raised 300K for senior couple in 1 day

A Facebook User named “Pronpimon Yamnail” posted a picture of a senior couple sitting on the floor at a hospital in Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

The granny was Sanan Krajomthong 78 years old and the grandpa was Thongdang Srithong 75 years old. Pronpimon stated in the caption “I saw the grandpa take out a container with plain rice inside and a bottle of water. He sat there eating plain rice with an extra spoon for the granny.

The granny told me they came to the hospital by themselves on public transportation. They lived in Kong District and it costs about 100 THB for the car. The granny had Lithiasis and grandpa came as her friend. They borrowed 300 THB from a neighbor and promised that when their old age pension came out they would pay it back.”

When the post and pictures went viral, government sectors including private organizations went to see the senior couple to help them.

Granny and Grandpa received an amazing amount of 833,900 THB  within 24 hours after the post was made sent in from Thai netizens around the nation who saw the post.

Both are extremely grateful for the kindness handed to them and they promise to use the money carefully with getting the most out of every THB sent to them.

The senior couple can now take a break after non-stop working throughout their lives.

They have also decided to close the acceptance to any donations and they believe that the money is enough for their living.

The district has set up a team with official members from the district governance and the bank director to take care of the couple’s accounting.

The district will let the granny who is the owner of the account withdraw 5,000 per month.


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