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Expat in Pattaya Wins Hearts with Free Motorbike Helmets

Expat in Pattaya Wins Hearts with Free Motorbike Helmets

An American expatriate residing in Pattaya has captured the hearts of many online with his compassionate acts towards children. Savvy Rick Brown, a 57-year-old TikTok user, has been making rounds distributing helmets to children who are not wearing them while riding motorcycles with their parents. In one of his videos shared on his TikTok account “savvyrickbrown,” Brown is depicted halting a motorbike carrying two children. He politely asks the parents for permission to provide their children with helmets, a gesture that visibly moves and touches the parents, who gratefully accept the offering.

Brown’s benevolent deeds have garnered significant attention from online audiences, with several of his TikTok videos amassing over a million views. Many commend Brown for his genuine concern for children’s safety, while others share their own experiences of enduring injuries from motorcycle accidents during their youth. In an interview with local media, Brown revealed that he initiated the initiative of distributing free motorbike helmets after witnessing numerous children in Pattaya riding motorcycles without proper head protection. Growing increasingly troubled by this sight, he took it upon himself to purchase helmets and offer them free of charge on the roadside.

Having lived in Thailand for the past 18 months, Brown has developed a profound affection for the country and its people. Recognizing that some families may struggle financially to afford helmets, his sole intention is to lend them a helping hand. Using his personal funds, Brown has been distributing free helmets for six months and is committed to providing one million helmets with the support of donors and individuals from his home country. He hopes that his endeavors will contribute to raising awareness about the crucial importance of helmet safety in Thailand.

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