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The End Of Smartphones


The End Of Smartphones: Working Prototype Of Smart Contact Lens Unveiled

Mojo Vision, a tech startup firm, has unveiled a working prototype of what it claims to be the world’s first true smart contact lens.

This smart lens is essentially a miniaturized display that can be worn in the eye. The company says it could provide directions, sports scores, or even let them see in the dark. Essentially, it’s a mini-computer. The best part about it? No one will ever know it’s there! It’s been designed so people can’t see it and according to senior vice president of product and marketing, Steve Sinclair, the company has made it so that the interactions are also extremely subtle, done only with eye movements, ensuring that no one is aware of its presence.

It’s needless to say that this kind of technology has a lot of uses and the possibilities are endless. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before it can get released though, including full FDA approval that adheres to regulations and standards, something which the company is currently working on.


Along with being invisible, the contact lens will also be unobtrusive. It’s possible that a screen right in front of the eye would constantly be feeding information, which isn’t what the company wants. So it will only give the wearer the data they need and when they need it, rather than bombarding them with it when they don’t. This is especially important as the screen will still be visible when the eyes are closed on account of it being a contact lens.

The tech behind it all is also extremely interesting. Right at the center of the smart lens is a miniature MicroLED display which features a pixel density of 14,000 pixels per square inch (ppi), which is actually a world-record according to the company. For a quick comparison, the brand new iPhone 11’s crystal clear retina display has a pixel density of just 323 ppi, which is minuscule against the lens.

While it may seem like something pulled straight out of a James Bond film, this contact lens is actually on its way to becoming a reality and might not be as far off as many people think. While it’s still in its prototype stage, it is fully functional. Aside from FDA approval and ironing out a few kinks, it’s almost ready to go. The final product, which will be aimed at the visually impaired, could change people’s lives forever, which is a very exciting prospect!


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