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Thailand Wins Award……For Worst Traffic in the World

The award for the country with the worst traffic in the world goes to Thailand

According to a study released this week, Thailand had the world’s worst traffic last year.

The research, by American company INRIX, ranked countries and cities based on how many hours an average citizen spent sitting in traffic in 2016.

The list of countries that rated as the most congested ranked Thailand at the top. Thais spent an average of 64 hours stuck in traffic last year. It’s much higher than the next entries on the list, which are: Colombia and Indonesia (47 hours spent in traffic), Russia and the U.S. (42 hours spent in traffic), Venezuela (39 hours spent in traffic), South Africa (38 hours spent in traffic), Brazil (37 hours spent in traffic), Puerto Rico (37 hours spent in traffic) and Turkey (34 hours spent in traffic).

The Global Traffic Scorecard 2016 collected data from 300 million sources and tested 1,064 cities as well as 38 countries.

Of course, Bangkok is the most congested city in Thailand. The study noted that, out of 64 hours spent in traffic last year, almost a quarter of that waiting time was during rush hour in the Asian city of angels.

As far as the global ranking of cities, Bangkok was rated as the 12th most congested in the world, while L.A. took home the winning number one spot.

Only a year earlier, in 2015, Bangkok was the 30th most congested city in the world.

Source: Bangkok Coconuts
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