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Common Q & A’s regarding Tourist Visa

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Q: What is Thai Tourist visa?

A: Thai Tourist visa is a kind of visa to Thailand with the purpose of tourism and traveling. While applying for this kind of visa you must have only one purpose of your staying in Thailand – Tourism and spending money in Thailand. Thai Tourist visa is Not for business or employment purposes.

Q: What kind of Tourist visas exist in Thailand?

A: You can apply only for two types of Tourist visas in Thailand:

  • Single Entry Tourist Visa
  • Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa (METV)

Starting from November 12, 2015 double-entry Thai Tourist visa was canceled.

Q: What is Single Entry Tourist Visa in Thailand?

A: Single Entry Tourist visa is a kind of visa to Thailand with the purpose of tourism and traveling. By Single Entry Tourist visa is allowed one entry to Thailand and to stay in the country up to 60 days. Single Entry Tourist visa is valid from the date of entry, so the 60-days start on the day of enter Thailand. You can entry to Thailand within 90 days from the date of issue of your single entry Thai tourist visa. You can apply for Single-entry tourist visa in any Thai Embassy or Consulate worldwide. For example, you can apply for Thai Single Entry Tourist visa in Laos.

Q: What is Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa (METV)

A: Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa it is a new kind of visa for tourism purpose. Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa is valid for 6 months from day of issue. Multiple-Entry means, that you can leave Thailand any number of times you need and come back during the visa valid period. You can stay in Thailand for 60 days per trip. After the 60 days, you must leave Thailand, but you are allowed come back again (as it is a multiple entry). Each re-entry to Thailand will activate another 60 days. You can apply for Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa only in your home country or in the county, where you can prove residence in. The full list of the documents for Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa you can find on the official pages of the Thai Embassy or Consulate.

Q: What does the “enter before” date on my Thai visa mean?

A: The “enter before” means, that the holder of visa must enter Thailand, before this date. For the Single Entry Tourist visa it will be 3 months’ period from the date visa is issued.

Q: If my 60 days are ended, what can I do, if I want to stay in Thailand more? What is an extension of Tourist visa in Thailand? Where I can do the extension of Thai Tourist visa?

A: If you want to stay in Thailand by tourist visa for more than 60 days, you can do the extension of your visa in Thailand.  The tourist visa in Thailand can be extended once in the Immigration Office. Thailand Tourist Visa can be extended for 30 days. The extension of Thai visa costs 1,900 baht. In Bangkok you can do it in Bangkok immigration Office at Government Complex Chaengwattana

Q: How many single entry Thailand tourist visas I can get?

A: Nobody knows the answer on this question. It depends on your individual situation, your visa history, Thai Embassy officer, the country where you are applying for new visa, and a package of documents you can provide and many others factors. Remember, if you stay in Thailand for long time only by tourist visa – it seems questionably. For example, in Laos, after 2 or 3 tourist visas (made in Laos) you can get a special stamp on your visa, with the mark about rejection for the next tourist visa. Remember, that Thai law requires any foreign nationals, who entering Thailand to have money equivalent to 20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family. Also round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full) can be asked. Your tourism and traveling purposes must be clear or you can get rejection in visa.

Q: Is it become more difficult to stay in Thailand for long term by tourist visas from year to year?

A: Yes, it is true. There are many of examples, when people do not understand and even break the Law while using tourist visas. Thai Tourist visa is Not for business or employment purposes.

Q: When people say they got Thai Tourist visa for 3 months, what they exactly mean?

A: There is no any 3 months Tourist Visa in Thailand. You can stay with tourist visa in Thailand maximum 60 days. But you can do the extension of your visa in Thailand and get plus 30 days in Immigration Offices in Thailand. If you will count, it will be 3 months.

Q: What is the difference between border run and visa run in Thailand?

A: Border run in the whole world means just crossing the border without getting visa. The residents of some countries and territories have Visa Exemption or can do visa on arrival to Thailand. The meaning of border run comes from the people, who cross the border and immediately come back to Thailand without any visa. Nowadays this option becomes more difficult.

Visa run it is a trip for new visa to any country bordering with Thailand. Visa run means getting new visa and come back to Thailand, but it does not mean come back immediately.


  1. Before you will go and apply for Thai Tourist visa – visit the official pages of the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country, where you want to do visa to Thailand.
  2. Thai Tourist visa can be getting only with the purpose of tourism and traveling.
  3. In some cases, you must to show the additional documents which confirming the purpose of your visit in the Thai Embassy, as on the border.
  4. Do not believe in any stories, comments, declaration which say about guarantees of obtaining Thai Tourist visa.
  5. Before going to any other countries for Thai Tourist visa, you must know the visas rules in these countries for your entry (if you going to Malaysia you must know about the Malaysian visa and etc.) and visit page of the Thai Embassy in these countries. In some countries you can’t get and apply for Thai Tourist visa, if you are not a resident of these countries or need to prove the permission for a long stay.
  6. If you have more than 1 Thai Tourist visa – nobody will guarantee for you, that you will get new without any problems.
  7. You can get rejection of getting new Tourist visa to Thailand in The Thai Embassy without any explanation. Also, even with visa you can get rejection of visiting Thailand on the border, if the border officer will be in doubts about the purpose of your visit.
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